About Us

We are a bunch of hackers and critical techies dedicated to the development and distribution of digital tools that help people organise autonomously. We use and code Free and Open Source Software. Our aim is to contribute to a free internet that means based on the principles of federation, decentralisation and accessibility. We are **anarchists** and we think that to build a society based on solidarity and freedom we have to take into account technologies: for this, we promote a conscious use of digital _dispositifs_ and we are commited to raise awareness on the implications embodied in the relationship between humans and technology.

Our History

We are part of the anarchist group Circolo Anarchico “C. Berneri” of Bologna, that supports our activities.
We come from and live in different places, from Bologna to Berlin. We are part of the Hackmeeting community and we are involved in local hacklabs.

Cat on a server